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Hang It All
Flai Wardrobe
USM Haller Highboard for Kids with 1 Drop-down Door
Stacking Bed
Children's Table Eiermann
String Pocket
Eames Elephant
Componibili mat
Montana Mini
Mobil mat
Restore Storage Basket
Componibili Bio round - 3 compartements
Bulb Wall Hooks
Connect with Drawers
String 1949-2024 Anniversary edition
Special Edition
Tagedieb Stacking bed
The Dots Metal Set of 5
Rotate Container
Coat Dots Set of 3
Eames Elephant Small
Vetsak Beanbag
Famille Garage Table/Trestle
Fernando the Fish
Flatmate secretary LED
Children's Chair Turtle
Runner Tisvilde
Flatframe wall secretary
Seggiolina Pop
Dots Wall Hooks Set of 5
Componibili Smile
Restore Round Basket
Workout wall secretary
Connect with Doors
Rug Holger
Omar the Owl
Set of 2 Fall Protection for Famille garage bed
Runner Gilleleje
Plane Secretary
String System Shelf S
Modular Bedside Table
LOU Stool, solid wood
Plant Box Small
Flai storage bench
Children's Stool N65
Famille Garage Cot
360° Container
Daybe Sofa Bed
Set of 3 Plastic Boxes for Famille Garage (Small)
Kevi 2533J Kids
Montana Mini Notice board
Panton Junior
Montana Mini Mirror
Plant Box H 45
Rechenbeispiel Children Coat Rack
Stepstool Mono
Little Architect Chair
Set of 3 plastic boxes for Famille Garage (big)
Korpus Shelf
USM Haller Mobile Pedestal for Kids
Plane Container
Series 7 Children's Chair 3177 New Colours
Stacking Bed Comfort
RETROit Canvas
Flai Home Office
RETROit Cobana Outdoor
RETROit Cobana Drum Outdoor
Little Architect Table
Famille Garage Baby Cot
School Start Set: Children's Desk Eiermann + Chair + Container
Elephant Rocking
Eames Elephant Plywood
Famille Garage Bench
RETROit Cobana Square Outdoor
Runner Skagen
Famille Garage Changing Table / Dresser (Big)
Eames Elephant Special Collection
Special Edition
Runner Gudhjem
Runner Blokhus
Mobile Storage Container Fixx
CH24 Children's Wishbone Chair
Special Edition
Arise Stool
USM Haller Lowboard for Kids
Click Kids Rocking Chair
Runner Helga
Lönneberga with Drawer
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Growing furniture and design classics for children

Scandinavian-style children's room with furniture from Artek and Vitra

Limitless creativity for children

For children, the world looks very different than for adults, something that must always be borne in mind when selecting furniture for children. Remembering our own childhood, we know what is important and fun: and that kid's furniture is exposed to higher loads and ideally should be able to serve as a toy. Designers have long come to the conclusion: Ray and Charles Eames designed objects especially for children, such as the Eames Elephant, and which gained not only worldwide recognition as a children's toy, but also as a decorative object. An entire range of children's furniture has been launched by the Italian manufacturer Magis in form of their Me Too Collection, and which includes designs such as the Julian chair by Javier Mariscal or Marcel Wander's Little Flare children's table and which blur the lines between toy and furniture design and give the imagination free rein.

Desk chair Kevi Kids and Mini Container from Montana

Table and benches Garage from Richard Lampert

Tidying away in no time

Five minutes of intense play with friends and siblings can occasionally resemble a weeks worth of fun. To ensure a quick return to order, flexible, spacious storage solutions are required. Mobile containers such as the USM Haller children's roll container are ideal in their numerous bright colours. The flexible helpers can be easily moved and stow just about everything to be found in the nursery. Competent all-rounders are also the Componibile containers from Kartell, which can also function as a side table with their spacious compartments and practical sliding doors.

Garage chest of drawers by Richard Lampert with changing table

The repeatedly expandable String shelf also makes itself useful in the nursery

The USM Haller system offers a range of storage units for children's bedrooms

Design classics in children's size

Numerous designer furniture manufacturers have also launched smaller versions of their top sellers and favourite pieces, and that are suitable for children and in the best case also grow with the child: for example, the children's Eiermann desk which in contrast to the Eiermann desk comes with firmly screwed table top and extension rods, so that the table height is variably adjustable and thus the desk fulfils its purpose over several years. Design classics for children also include the Series 7 Children's Chair 3177 from Fritz Hansen and the Panton Junior from Vitra.

Bauhaus cantilever chair S 43 K for children from Thonet

Wishbone chair CH24 for children from Carl Hansen

Panton Chair Junior from Vitra

Children's desks

The start of the new school year is an exciting and thrilling time.... and one that involves a lot of preparation. A particularly important step is creating an ideal learning environment at home, and this is where the designer children's desk comes into their own. These desks combine functionality and style, and also form the basis for concentrated and effective work. An ergonomically designed desk that fits the child's height perfectly not only ensures correct posture, but also prevents long-term health problems. Many of these exquisite models offer innovative features such as adjustable heights and angles of the work surface, which makes them particularly versatile. And they are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, with elegant lines and high-quality materials that are a highlight in any child's room.

School start set: Eiermann children's desk + chair + container

Sufficient storage space is also important so that books, pens and notebooks can be neatly stored and the workspace remains tidy. Good lighting, ideally with a stylish lamp that does not cast a shadow on the work surface, supports the eyes and reduces fatigue. Colourful and creative desk designs can also encourage children's motivation and creativity. Parents should make sure that the desk is in a quiet place to minimize distractions. A comfortable and ergonomic seat that matches the designer desk is also essential. The start of school offers a perfect opportunity to lovingly set up the desk together with the child, taking individual needs and preferences into account, this way the designer desk becomes a place where the child enjoys learning and feels relaxed and comfortable. With these stylish and well-thought-out measures, parents can prepare their children, as best as possible, for everyday school life and give them a happy and successful start in the new school year.

Tiptoe children's desk, available in a range of colours

Ferm Living Little Architect desk

Inspiration for furnishing the teenage room

Children grow up and develop to teenagers who increasingly value their own place of retreat. An optimally equipped workspace that enables them to study efficiently at home is particularly important. The right workspace equipment plays a key role here, as it helps young people to stay motivated and focussed at their desks.

Manufacturers such as Müller Small Living offer well thought-out and complete furnishing solutions for teenagers' rooms that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These solutions are designed to meet the needs and preferences of teenagers and create a pleasant environment in which they can feel comfortable and be productive.

Be inspired by the diverse and innovative furnishing ideas!

Stapelliege from Müller Small Living

Desk chair Rookie from Vitra

Flai wardrobe from Müller Small Living