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Nils Holger Moormann

Moormann's classic: the FNP shelf - filigree, functional, expandable in many ways

The Company

Nils Holger Moormann founded his eponymous company in 1982 in Aschau im Chiemgau with the aim of offering young up-and-coming designers a platform for their designs. A short time later, the company celebrated its breakthrough with Wolfgang Laubersheimer's Gespannten Regal and laid the foundation for the coming decades. With unconventional ideas and the unrestrained passion of the creative team, Moormann keeps bringing a breath of fresh air into the industry. Innovative designs, new approaches such as tool-free assembly and a pinch of humour play just as important a role in the corporate philosophy as the aspects of sustainability and regionality.

Showing one's construction openly and yet aesthetically, or precisely because of it: tightrope walkers and Bruto show how it's done

Handing things in too - Pin Coat makes it easy for you

Put it together, lay down, rest: The Dormouse Bed

Sustainability and Regionality

The company Nils Holger Moormann is not only known for its creative furniture, but has also placed the issue of sustainability at the top of its agenda from the very beginning. In order to strengthen the region economically and to minimize travel and delivery routes, the Bavarian company works primarily with regional suppliers and has all furniture produced within a radius of 40 km from the company headquarters. According to its own statements this was initially a very selfish decision, since the company attached great importance to quickly placing its ideas in the right hands and finding suitable partners for implementation. The Moormann furniture, which is mainly produced sustainably and with natural materials, can also be found in their own guest house, "berge" not far from the company headquarters.



Langer Max: Few benches are so light and yet so stable - and available in 3 lengths

Lightness in person: the Pressed Chair is bent from an aluminium sheet that is only 2.5 mm thin

Just diagonal - and yet ES by Moormann always holds the balance

berge: a design hotel with a sense of the original

Nils Holger Moormann's berge guest house is located in Aschau im Chiemgau, where cowbells wake you up and all is well with the world. And not only nature lovers will find relaxing accommodation here, because the house is equipped with products that bear little or no witness to the Bavarian mountains. Moormann and his team stand for high-quality wooden furniture made in Germany and cooperate with regional suppliers for the sake of sustainability. If that's not enough authenticity, you can test live in the berge before buying furniture. Originally intended as a warehouse, since 2009 the auberge has been offering individually designed rooms furnished with Moormann furniture with tranquil names such as "Kampenblick", "Bergfried" or "Winterstube". Creaking floorboards, clay plaster and open stone walls meet modern glass elements and, together with the warm wooden furnishings, create a homely atmosphere without frills. There is no restaurant in the berge, but hearty meals can be prepared in the kitchens of the apartments - insider tips for the best regional specialities are included!


FNP individuell

Guest house berge: Here you can test live with Moormann and enjoy the tranquillity and pure nature of the Bavarian mountains

The big lving room of berge: Celebrate P(p)arties with chef and catering

The big living room of berge: Celebrate P(p)arties with chef and catering

All 16 berge appartements - places for retreat and reflection

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Nils Holger Moormann.

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The Historia Supellexalis: “M” for Moormann

...Moormann A Nils Holger; An Autodidact; A Restlessness As the Wackeldackel of Sylt solemnly records, following generations of rule under the rational, steady, unemotional, if autocratic, hand of The Order of the Gute Form, there arose in the lands of the contemporary former West Germany a challenge to that long-established rule through a poorly organised, but on account of that all the better networked, collective of young designers who questioned not only the zealous worshipping of the sacred Form Function Relationship, but also questioned the materials of furniture, the basis of the value assessment of furniture, the basis of the relationship between contemporary furniture and the culture from which it arose, the honesty of that relationship and that assessment, the validity of contemporary furniture for contemporary society, and who even questioned how good the form of contemporary Germanic furniture actually was... Among those whose deeds of dissemination and education the Wackeldackel of Sylt retells is that of a Moormann commonly known as Nils Holger, a Moormann who is believed to have originated in the Germanic Jura before the turbulence of the age saw him depart the Jura and follow his calling as a nomadic herald of the new positions, selflessly distributing the works of the age amongst the peoples of the then known worlds; works such as, and amongst others, a shelving unit by Lau Bersheimer, a member of the Cologne based Pentagon community, and which was deliberately constructed with a destabilising curve so that Lau Bersheimer could subsequently secure it with a highly tensioned metal wire to ensure its stability...

The Historia Supellexalis: "G" for Grcic

...Yet happy as Konstantin was with Coakley-Products the inquiring, questioning, nature of Grcic saw him travel extensively, travels which saw his path cross those of, and amongst others, the Authentics von und zu Gütersloh for whom he developed his first plastic objects; the Moormann of Chiemgau, Nils Holger, for whom he developed a wooden shelving system whose inherent stability is wholly reliant on in its carefully considered instability, and a work which greatly amused the ever convivial and mischievous Chiemgauer Moormann; or the Illuminati di Flos for whom he developed a lamp that cried Mayday!...

Lost Furniture Design Classics: The Bacon Settle

...Nils Holger Moormann - Lese+Lebe We aren't 100% certain Nils was aware of the bacon settle when he created his mobile reading retreat, but it is unmistakably of that heritage... Launched in 2004 Lese+Lebe was available for a good few years, we remember it very fondly, but, sadly, now only exists, alongside a myriad further furniture gems, in the Moormann archive...

Design Gruppe Pentagon @ the Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Cologne

...In addition we were particularly taken by a collection of promotional material for Wolfgang Laubersheimer's Gespanntes/Verspanntes Regal through Nils Holger Moormann**, one of only very few objects to make it from the gallery scale of NDD to the larger scale commercial market, if one still handmade, and featured in Design Gruppe Pentagon as itself and as a truly glorious lapel badge from 1990, and by the so-called Pentagon Cube, an oversized metal dice developed by Laubersheimer, Müller and Voggenreiter for Milan 1991, each of the six faces being adorned with a different furniture genre - table, chair, cabinet, etc - and thus an aid to deciding what to create that day...

smow Blog Interview: Patrick Frey - I find it unashamed that the furniture industry isn't prepared to pay young designers a discretionary payment for developing a project

...A graduate of the Hochschule Hannover, a city in which he continues to live and work, Patrick Frey has realised projects across a range of genres and for clients as varied as, and amongst many others, Nils Holger Moormann, Authentics, Sommerhouse Piu, Bree and Richard Lampert... And we were fortunate that we had Nils [Holger Moormann] as project partner and he both supported us and fought our corner a little...

smow Blog Interview: Klaus Hackl - Designing isn't an artistic, pseudo-genial, process but rather is based on a practical understanding and observation of daily life

...Klaus Hackl's first solo commercial product, the Gibus laundry basket for Magis, was quickly followed by projects for and with manufacturers as varied as, and amongst many others, Nils Holger Moormann, Werkraum Bregenzerwald and Lifebridge Medizintechnik, with whom he developed the Lifebridge B2T mobile cardiopulmonary bypass system...

Holzklasse by Nils Holger Moormann & CustomBus

...With Holzklasse designer Nils Holger Moormann and VW bus fabricator CustomBus have brought Moormann design to the highways, and for all, the byways... Holzklasse by Nils Holger Moormann & CustomBus For many the "open road" is the ultimate synonym of a carefree life...

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