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Tagedieb Stacking bed
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Beds for a good night's sleep

Design classic among the beds from Müller Small Living: the Stacking Bed by Rolf Heide

And so to (a good) bed...

We not only spend a large part of our life sleeping, but a good night's sleep is one of the prerequisites for a balanced and productive life; consequently, no compromise should be made when choosing the right bed. Thanks to the wide selection of different models and functions, there is a suitable design bed for everyone: Whether for singles, couples or families - in addition to double and single beds, the portfolio of many manufacturers also includes children's and guest beds as well as matching bedside tables and accessories. In addition to high-quality materials and first-class workmanship, designer beds are distinguished by their simple design language and clear lines. The reduced design, especially in the turbulence of everyday life, allow for peace and advances a well-deserved break in a very personal oasis of peace.

The Siebenschläfer bed by Nils Holger Moormann is assembled completely tool-free

For the Tagedieb...

...and Siebenschläfer beds there is a complementing side shelf

Design beds crafted from laminated wood

The material wood is the first choice in bed design. On the one hand, its naturalness creates the perfect atmosphere for a restful sleep, on the other wood, especially in the form of plywood, can be perfectly processed into stable constructions. Bed designs made from high-quality multiplex panels are very much in vogue: First-class, simple designs in subtle colours can be found, for example, in the portfolios of manufacturers such as Nils Holger Moormann or Müller Small Living. The Moormann Siebenschläfer bed, e.g., is made of birch plywood and impresses with its simple construction, clear edges and a thoroughly timeless design language.

Lönneberga stacking bed from Richard Lampert

Modern and functional: Daybeds

If you do not want to go to bed for a quick nap, or need an adaptable location for guests to sleep, then a space-saving guest or daybed is a good choice. Lightweight daybeds can be easily converted or, as in the case of the Lönneberga bed from Richard Lampert, also stacked. They take up little space and are perfect for a visit or a quick power nap. Among the many wooden beds one finds genuine design classics, such as the Stacking bed by Rolf Heide for Müller Small Living: a design classic also available in a child-sized version.

Sofabed Daybe from Northern

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