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smow Solothurn

smow Solothurn 
Kronengasse 15
4500 Solothurn

Phone:  032 622 55 52
Email: solothurn@smow.ch

Opening times:
Tue-Fri 10 am - 13 pm
14 pm - 18:30 pm
Sat 9 am - 4 pm

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Selected references of our smow projects

Zentrale des deutschen Handwerks, Berlin
The lobby of an office building is a company's business card, to optimise the impression made the shared lobby of the associations BDI and BDA underwent a general overhaul. Learn more
Goodlife, Hamburg
An identity-creating feel-good atmosphere was created for the umbrella brand of "Naturally Pam" and "Protein Projekt", with themes such as sustainability, healthy lifestyle and modern technology playing a particularly important role. Learn more
The Ambition Homebase, Düsseldorf
The Spirit of Hip-Hop meets consulting and office life. Here a furnishing concept was created and implemented over 200 square meters to match the company's hip-hop culture, which guarantees professional office life with a feel-good "bounce". Learn more
Redesign of the Zalando bistro area including smow's own lighting creation. Learn more
The empty office building in Rötha-Espenhain near Leipzig was waiting like an unwritten book to be filled with ideas, content and interior design life. The result was furnishing solutions that combined efficiency with a feel-good factor. Learn more
Cushman & Wakefield Headquarters, Berlin
The offices of the commercial real estate company Cushman and Wakefield were not to be a conservative-functional area, rather the focus was on space for creativity, an open space for project work. Learn more
schneeweyess, Leipzig
A bright, friendly space has been created that creates scope for the individual wishes or character traits of the clientele. An optician's shop that can literally be seen! Learn more
FCM, Frankfurt
A homely office has been created for FCM in Frankfurt's WinX Tower, which offers employees not only a place to work during the main part of the day, but also a professional home where creativity and efficiency find equal space. Learn more
BDI, Berlin
The lobby of an office building is a company's business card, to optimise the impression made the shared lobby of the associations BDI (Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie) and BDA (Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände) underwent a general overhaul. Learn more
QUEST, Hamburg
Sighted on the banks of the Alster in Hamburg, one of the best locations in the city, a modern working environment has emerged in the literal sense, which guarantees well-being in the corporate design of the company. Learn more
Herren der Schöpfung, Frankfurt
Taking into account the agile agency workflows, Vitra and smow Frankfurt developed a room concept for the digital agency Herren der Schöpfung. Learn more
P4 Marketing, Düsseldorf
In a former garrison hospital, flexible workspaces harmoniously blend over four floors with carefully choreographed exhibition areas. Learn more
Ohja GmbH, Leipzig
Many residents know the location of the new Lindenau co-working space Ohja as a former bar - today, interested freelancers can rent a desk on a daily or monthly basis to work in a concentrated manner. Learn more
Maisonette-Wohnung, Stuttgart
For the client's maisonette apartment, interior designers from smow Stuttgart designed a concept for quality-conscious living facilities. Learn more
BDA, Berlin
For the client BDA, four existing rooms were combined to form two meeting rooms measuring 50 and 80 sqm respectively. Here, the focus was particularly on a tripartite division of the areas into lounge, conference and bar areas. Learn more
TKM Global GmbH, Hamburg
For the refurbishment of its new premises on the Hamburger Alster, the flexible use of the new space as well as the creation of as much storage space as possible was a priority for TKM Global GmbH. Learn more
Arztpraxis, Chemnitz
For her surgery the owner required a contemporary interior design concept which reflected the reality of the surgery's processes. Learn more
DZNE, Bonn
The friendly, open new building of the newly completed Research Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Bonn Venusberg has been equipped with, amongst other objects, Eames classics from Vitra in the cafeteria. Learn more