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Adjustable Table E 1027
Tube Light
Adjustable Table E 1027 Replacement Glass
Adjustable Table E 1027 Black Version
Bell Coffee Table
Bell Side Table
Selene Pendant lamp
Nymphenburg Coat stand
Piega Mirror
Euvira Rocking Chair Soft
Bow Coffee Table
Selene Brass
Sol Side Table
Selene Copper
Taidgh Shelf B
Taidgh Shelf C
Bell Light
Diana Side Table
Occasional Table
Petite Coiffeuse
Bibendum armchair
Usha Umbrella Stand
Diana D Couch Table
Euvira Rocking Chair
Munich Lounge Chair
Taidgh Shelf D
Notos Standing desk
Roquebrune Chair
Saturn Coat stand

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Bibendum Chair and Adjustable Table

Elegant, simple and stylish - Classicon. Established in 1990 by Stephan Fischer von Poturzyn, Classicon's portfolio is defined by timeless furnishing ideas supported by an unflinching quality. As perhaps best typified by the design classics of Eileen Gray and Eckart Muthesius, with their clear, flowing shapes and subtle colours. In addition to the successful classics of furniture history, ambitious contemporary designers also have a chance in the Classicons range: one of the first to be given such a chance with Classicon was Konstantin Grcic, with whom the company still maintains an intensive and successful partnership. Classicon is the exclusive global licensee of all designs from Eileen Gray.

Bell Light, Bell Side Table and Euvira Rocking Chair

Timelessly sustainable design from ClassiCon

ClassiCon has stood for high-quality, timeless furniture design since 1990. With a portfolio that includes the design classics of an Eileen Gray as well as pioneering, contemporary designs by renowned designers such as Alexander Grcic, the furniture manufacturer bears a special responsibility. ClassiCon therefore has the ClassiCon signature on every piece of furniture for the highest quality, selected materials and compliance with ecological guidelines.

ISO certificates and the Blue Angel play an important role for ClassiCon

Fair working conditions at ClassiCon and all suppliers

ClassiCon furniture is produced in cooperation with suppliers in Germany and Northern Italy who, like ClassiCon, adhere to the standards of the International Labor Organization, or ILO for short. The institution, of which Germany and Italy are permanent members, was founded to promote social justice as well as human and labour rights. As all Classicon suppliers are located in Europe, they are also obliged to adhere to the strict EU guidelines with regard to safety, environmental protection and working conditions.

Selected suppliers

ClassiCon's suppliers are small companies and manufacturers in Northern Italy and Bavaria. Often these have been family-run companies for generations that have ISO certificates or the Blue Angel eco-label. The bases of the Belle Side Table by Sebastian Herkner are produced, for example, by the glass manufacturer Freiherr von Poschinger, which celebrated its 450th anniversary in 2018. ClassiCon supports local businesses and traditional handicrafts.

Durable products and environmentally friendly materials

With the Classicon embossing, the company guarantees that ecologically sound materials are excellently processed and that every single piece has passed the strict quality control. As ClassiCon furniture is particularly durable, the company contributes to the conservation of resources.
The wood used for ClassiCon furniture is also mainly sourced from Germany. In international comparison, Germany has long been a leader in terms of sustainable forestry. Leather, in turn, is supplied by small farms in Bavaria and comes exclusively from cattle that have been slaughtered for meat.
All materials processed by ClassiCon can be recycled separately in the event of disposal. Packaging materials are also used as sparingly as possible and efforts are made to avoid using styrofoam.

Traditional craft at ClassiCon

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Classicon.

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