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Adjustable Table E 1027
USM Haller Side Table 50
USM Haller Side Table 35
Laccio Table
USM Haller Bedside Table with Drawer
LTR Occasional Table
Adjustable Table E 1027 Black Version
Componibili Round - 3 Compartments
Panton Wire Cube
Saarinen Round Side Table
Componibili Round - 2 Compartments
Ulmer Hocker
Eyelet Side Table
USM Haller Bedside Table with 2 Drop-down Doors
Set B 97
Around Coffee Table
Componibili mat
USM Haller Waiting Room Table
DLM - Don't Leave Me
Panton Wire Extended
Componibili Round - 4 Compartments
B 117
USM Haller Side Table 35, Olive Green
USM Haller Side Table with Side Panels
MR 515/516/517
Adjustable Table E 1027 Replacement Glass
USM Haller Plant Side Table Type 1
B 97
Componibili Bio round - 3 compartements
Laccio Table Set
Stilk Coffee Table
In Between Coffee Table
Wooden Side Table
Tabouret Berger Stool
B 9
Nini Stool
Lato Side Table
Cork Family
Mass Side Table
Rotate Container
Level Side Table
Shuffle Side Table
Bow Coffee Table
USM Haller Plant Side Table Type 2
Set B 97 Glass
Side Table LO12
B 97 Glass
Neumann Side Table
Level Side Table
Small Ghost Buster
Set B 9 a + b
Strammer Max
Relate Side Table
Oblique Nesting Tables K3 A, B, C
Level Lounge Table
Eames Stools
Prismatic Table
Saarinen Oval Side Table
Cluster Tables
Stone Metallic
Tray Tables
Mini O Table
Weber Side Table
Acapulco Side Table Outdoor
Objects Tray Table
Hiray Table
B 9 Glass
Cocotte Side Table
USM Haller Side Table with Drawer
MR Coffee Table
B 9 Pure Materials
Ulmer Hocker in Colour
Bubble Club Table
USM Haller Side Table with Extension
Blow Side Table
PLAYround Wood
Rack Umbrella Stand/ Side Table
Trays Table
Bowler Table
Plinth Side Table
Prince AHA
B 9d/1
Tall Mini O Table
Copenhague Round Table CPH20
Bistro Table Indoor

Versatile designer side tables - the ideal side table for your home

Side tables are not only practical additions to an interior, but also special design objects that add style and that je ne sais quoi to a room. A good side table design combines functionality and aesthetics in a special way and is therefore a must-have for every design lover. When choosing the best option for your hime, there are a few important aspects to consider in order to ensure the choosen side table will meet both your aesthetic preferences and your functional needs.


Classic from Eileen Gray: Adjustable table E 1027

Designer side tables: High-quality workmanship and materials

Whether in wood, glass or metal designer side tables are a durable and robust companion.

And that regardless of whether produced via innovative technologies, such as the minimalistic Weber side table from Objekte unserer Tage where the characteristic cut-outs are achieved with the aid of innovative laser technology. Or via traditional craft techniques, such as the tables from Thonet or Carl Hansen & Søn, manufacturers who started out as carpenters and still rely on those craft sensibilities in more modern materials: the B9 side tables from Thonet, for example, and a beloved design classic, are made by hand in several production steps, from the processing of the wood and the tubular steel to the colouring of the table surfaces.

Which material for your style of living?

Designer side tables are crafted from a wide range of materials, each of which have special properties and their own aesthetic impact.

Wood: Side tables made of wood always have a cosy, warm and timeless aesthetic. Different types of wood such as oak, walnut, pine or teak and various finishes and colours are available, and thereby assist wood to be particularly versatile.

The Vitra Stools by Ray and Charles Eames, for example, are crafted from solid, clear-lacquered, walnut and look particularly elegant while, thanks to the individual nature of the wood, are sculptural as much as practical. The amount of care required for wooden side table differs depending on the surface quality and processing of your wooden side table. The manufacturers provide the appropriate care instructions here.

Metal: Metallic materials such as steel, aluminium or brass are often used for modern or minimalist designs. They bequeath the side tables a sleek and contemporary look. Amongst the metal design classics one find models made of curved, chrome-plated tubular steel, such as the Thonet side tables by Marcel Breuer.

Glass: Glass is often used as a table top, either transparent or satin finished. Glass gives side tables an elegant and airy aesthetic and compliments many different interior styles. The designer Sebastian Herkner integrated glass into his Bell Side Table for ClassiCon in a particularly clever way: the base consists of coloured hand-blown glass and the table top is made of crystal glass.

Robust and elegant:The wooden Vitra Stools

Modern and timeless: Thonet metal nesting tables

Transparent eye-catcher made of glass: Bell Side Table from Classicon

Which side table for which function?

In addition to questions of style, the function that a side table should fulfil also plays a decisive role in the selection.

Flexible helper: Do you want your side table to be used as a flexible location for placing for books and magazines, for example, or as an additional space for drinks and snacks? The Hay side table Don't leave me by Thomas Bentzen, for example, is particularly flexible thanks to the integrated handle.

Decorative design object: Representative, sculptural and decorative models such as the minimalist Plinth table with an elegant marble surface by Audo Copenhagen or Oota from Walter Knoll have a particularly decorative function and can be perfectly combined with vases or small works of art.

Side table versus coffee table

A designer side table differs from a designer coffee table in that it is smaller in size and height. Side tables are usually placed next to or between the seating furniture to create additional storage space for objects.

The original side tables were used by waiters in 18th century France next to the guests' dining tables as an aid when serving meals. And while side tables are still easy to move around today and have a complementary function, coffee tables, like dining tables, often serve as a central element in the living area.

When deciding on a designer side table, the focus is often on aesthetics and style, while coffee tables should usually be more robust and functional. However, both are important elements in the interior design, depending on individual needs and personal taste.

Sculptural appearance: Plinth Table from Audo Copenhagen

Table to go: DLM - Don't Leave Me Table trough HAY

Designer side tables - versatile in terms of style

The side table design should be coordinated with your existing furnishing concept: whether minimalist and modern, retro-inspired or classically elegant there is a variety of side table designs that suit very different rooms and styles.

From extravagant to minimalist: Why designers let their creativity run wild with side tables

Designer side tables in particular offer creative and innovative design options because they are independent design objects and, in contrast to, for example, dining tables have a particularly decorative function. Thus it is unsurprising that some models with an unconventional design are perceived more as objects of art than as tables. Designers of the 20th century such as Eileen Gray or Marcel Breuer were already experimenting with materials, shapes and colors in their side table designs in order to bring originality, uniqueness and beauty into the room.

Even among the contemporary side tables there are extravagant models that make a real design statement and which bring a special and personal touch to any space; side tables such as, for example, the glass Sol side table from Cassina.

Our top 5 designer side tables

Vitra LTR

1. The mid-century design classic: Vitra LTR Occasional Table

The LTR Occasional Table by Charles and Ray Eames is a timeless and stylish classic among side tables. The characteristic base made of steel wire is combined with a table top that is available in various noble materials and designs. The LTR Occasional Table is particularly versatile and luxurious.

Hay Tray Table

2. The practical companion: Tray Table by Hay

Available in a variety of dimensions and heights the Hay Tray Table impresses with its simple yet elegant design. All Hay Tray Table side tables have removable tray table tops that can be used as a serving tray. With its clear lines, the Hay Tray Table fits perfectly into modern, minimalist living spaces.

Bell Side Table from Classicon

3. The sculptural: Bell Side Table by ClassiCon

With a base of mouth-blown glass in a range of bright colors and a table top made of crystal glass, the Bell Side Table by Sebastian Herkner ranks among the extravagant side tables. With an unusual mix of materials and the sculptural shape, the Bell Side Table draws everyone's attention.

Componibili from Kartell

4. The all-rounder: Kartell Componibili

The container system Componibili from Kartell is a design classic from 1969, which is both functional and versatile, as well as aesthetically pleasing. In different bright colors, the Kartell Componibili can not only be used as side tables, but also as practical storage space elements.

Around Table from Muuto

5. The naturalist: Muuto Around

The organic shape of the Muuto Around side table, whether crafted in oak or ash, creates a particularly warm and homely atmosphere. Available in a variety sizes and colors Around blends seamlessly into different furnishing styles.

Stylish and an elegant eye-catchers: Contemporary design classics among the side tables

Among the side tables one finds modern design classics, works that embody timeless design and are an excellent choice for style-conscious interior lovers who prefer simple elegance.

K40 von Tecta

Bauhaus side tables in particular, such as the Thonet nesting table B9 or the Tecta side table K40 by Marcel Breuer, are known for their clear lines, minimalist design language and functionalist conception. These side table design classics embody the values of the Bauhaus by uniting form and function in perfect harmony.

Timeless aesthetics meet the high quality craftsmanship for which manufacturers such as Thonet, ClassiCon and Tecta are known. Classic side tables are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and versatile.

The Adjustable Table E1027 by Eileen Gray is not only one of the most famous modern design classics, but is also one of the few side tables where the height can be flexibly adjusted. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty and legacy of classic modernism. Whatever your furnishing style, the classic side tables of modern design fit organically into different contexts and bring a touch of elegance to your home.

Designer side tables in elegant black: Our recommendations

Designer side tables in an elegant black finish give the living room a particularly timeless and stylish touch. A black color scheme not only provides sophistication and a mysterious element in the furnishing, but also allows side tables to blend seamlessly into different furnishing styles. Black side tables are available in wood, glass or luxurious marble. The black table surfaces are often combined with metal bases, which contributes to a particularly classic, modern look. Table surfaces made of black or gray glass, such as those used in the black Adjustable Table E 1027 Black Version or the Bell Side Table, have a particularly elegant and mysterious effect.