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Eames Plastic Side Chair RE DSR
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SE 68
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Bulb Wall Hooks
Line Wardrobe
Belleville Chair Outdoor
Victoria Ghost
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La Marie
Maui Chair
Dr. NO
Plywood Group DCM
Tabouret Haut
TAC Chair
Grand Prix 3130 New Colours
Eames Plastic Side Chair RE DSR Duotone
Charles Ghost
Dr. Na
Ant Chair 3101 New Colours
Tuffy - The Wild Bunch
Aava Chair
Substance Chair
Nova Table Disinfectant Dispenser
Nova Floor Disinfection Dispenser
Cuckoo - The Wild Bunch
Miunn Stool S104T
Super Fold Table
Cover Side Chair
Bell Chair Set
Catifa 46 Swivel Chair
N02 Chair
Catifa 46 Tube
Series 7 3107/3201 Anniversary Edition
Special Edition
NY11 Dining Chair
Wire Chair DKR Checker
Substance Armchair
Wire Chair DKR
Butch - The Wild Bunch
Juno Chair
Petit Standard
Wagner Chair
Generic A
.03 Black
Miunn Stool S104
Brio Table
Catifa 46 Sledge
Belleville Table
In Between Bistro Table
Little Friend
Duna 02 Tube
Series 7 Armchair 3207 Chair New Colours
Babar Bar Stool
Ceramic Table
Duna 02 Wood
Betty Barstool
First Chair
Contract Table Outdoor
USM Kitos E High Table
S 661
Kevi 2060

Superior feel-good factor during breaks: cafeteria furnishing solutions

Modern canteen with stylish contemporary furniture

Lots of daylight creates an appealing ambience in every cafeteria

Intelligently designed break rooms

It is important that break rooms are well designed and furnished: only then one can really relax from work. Whether it's a small tea kitchen, a medium-sized break room or a company-owned cafeteria - the planning of the social areas needs to be well-considered. Make sure you have plenty of light in the cafeteria - including daylight if possible. Because not only at the workplace itself, but also in the breaks, ergonomic considerations are of high importance, always ensure sufficient light. Especially with larger canteens, think about how big the tables should be, so that communication is encouraged, but that individual employees can retire when necessary. Make sure that there is enough space at the tables and that they are not too crowded, so that you feel comfortable and do not get the impression of an uncomfortable cafeteria: order and cleanliness are in addition followed and maintained by employees and employers alike.

The smow planners are happy to help you choose the optimal room layout

Even small break rooms need to be planned wisely

Break areas serve ever more as social areas

Practical furnishings for the company canteen

It is important that there is enough space for everyone and nobody need sit at their desk or in the stairwell during their lunch break. This does not mean that one seat per head has to be planned - after all, not everyone takes their breaks at the same time, this would also be unrealistic, especially for large companies. For questions concerning optimal seating numbers feel free to contact the smow planning department that will be happy to assist in planning your seating requirements. Important in the cafeteria is that the chairs are comfortable, so that the office swivel chair during the break is not immediately missed and longer comfortable seating is guaranteed - especially important when you make an appointment for a long conversation with colleagues and use the canteen to discuss projects over a cup of coffee. The Bistro chair should not only look, and be, comfortable, but also practical. Ideally also hygienic, robust, and easy to clean. Especially if your cafeteria also has an outdoor area, you should make sure that seating and tables are weatherproof and suitable for outdoors. It is also practical if the chairs are additionally stackable, as this makes the room care process easier and allows for greater flexibility in context of company business or social events.

The standard collection by Vitra is timeless and impresses with high seating comfort

The Belleville collection from the Bouroullec brothers has the makings of a design classic of the future and is used in gastronomic contexts, both inside and out

Canteens with many individual retreats, which can be used very in different contexts, are now more important than ever


We are happy to discuss your project requirements and offer individually support - from the planning to implementation. Whether it's the tea kitchen in the office or larger company canteen areas, share your ideas with our planning department. Depending on the project, the realisation of your project by our architects and interior designers will be supervised by your local smow store on site or via our online shop. You can contact our planning department from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 7 pm on 031 981 40 67 or via email at