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Plan your new USM unit

In just a few clicks you can create a customised USM Haller unit to meet your individual requirements - simply select the size and layout you need, decide which of the 14 USM colours bets suit your existing colour scheme, and you're done. The individual USM construction can then be placed in the shopping basket and ordered. You can save your 3D draft without registering and continuing working on it later.

  • Original and brand new
  • Fast delivery time for standard dimensions
  • We offer: individual parts, spare parts and extensions
  • Use our online tool to configure your units

Design templates for your individual unit

Practical examples to help get you started

You want to create your own customised USM unit responsive to your lifestyle, but don't like sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper? To help get things moving the smow interior designers have configured representative models to help get you started. Simply click one and then you can easily and intuitively adapt the unit to your individual wishes and needs in our free 3D configurator.


Are you looking for storage space and a tailor-made design in one? With the innovative sideboard elements from USM Haller, become the designer of your individual sideboard! Determine the size of your USM sideboard, choose the colours of the USM details, plan drawers, doors, storage areas or airy shelves and create your new interior piece in a timeless design. From the small sideboard for the reading corner, to crockery or wardrobe storage, to complete shelving, everything can be constructed with USM Haller, and cables, for example, can be perfectly hidden. Our smow USM configurator supports you in getting the piece of furniture you want.


Are you looking for a highlight for your living room, the hallway or the beautiful corner in the bedroom? Simply design your individual highboard yourself, according to your dimensions, colour and requirements! The versatile set of USM Haller components enables you to set up according to your needs. Choose the size and shape of the highboard you want, equip it with folding doors, drawers, back panels in your favourite colours or combine them with shelves. And when and where required cables and lighting systems can be cleverly and invisibly integrated. Discover all the possibilities with the smow USM configurator!


Whether as an airy room divider, required storage space for files and books or exhibition space for accessories of all kinds - shelves are among the must-haves of living space. Simply design your desired USM shelf yourself in the smow configurator to fit perfectly into your existing furnishings! Niches, narrow spaces next to radiators or other furnishing challenges are no problem with your self-designed USM Haller shelves. Integrate drawer elements or a drop-down door for even more storage space, combine different colours with each other or create your own individual, plain-coloured shelf. Plan your shelf design with the smow USM configurator!

Colors and Materials

The 14 USM colours for metal surfaces

The panels of USM Haller sideboards, highboards and filing cabinets are constructed from powder-coated metal and can be supplied in 14 standard colours.

Pure white
Light grey
USM matte silver
Medium grey
Graphite black
Steel blue
Gentian blue
USM green
Golden yellow
Pure orange
USM ruby red
USM brown
USM beige

System USM Haller: Elements and Dimensions

An overview of compartments, doors and sizes

The flexibility of the USM Haller modular system means you can design units of a height and length to suit your needs, with the storage and access solutions you require and for whatever space you wish to furnish: be that a home, office, conference room, surgery or chancellery.

Featuring shelf and panel elements from 100 to 750 mm, doors that can pulled out, pushed up, or dropped down and the freedom to add locks, cable holes, file-storage hangers or wheels means all you have to do is select the colour. Unless that is you'd prefer glass shelves.

The follow graphic allows for a quick overview of available sizes for all the elements which comprise that USM Haller system, simply hover the desired format and whether in those elements available in that format will be indicated in the list on the right-hand side.

Available in 250, 350, 500 and 750 mm depths
Metal panel
Metal panel, perforated
Glass panel
Glass door
Drop-down door, metal
Extension-door, metal
Flip-up door, metal

Tipps & Tricks (FAQs)

Will my USM Haller unit be delivered fully assembled?
An individually designed USM Haller piece of furniture is fully assembled, carefully packed and safely delivered by smow.

If a desired unit exceeds a certain size or if the local conditions on site are difficult, the USM unit is delivered part-assembled with final assembly being organised by smow.

Can I assemble my new USM Haller unit myself?
Your new USM Haller unit will either be delivered fully assembled or assembled in your premises by trained technicians organised by smow.

If you want to assemble smaller components yourself, you can watch a very good USM self-assembly video for the USM basic structure, in which the required tools are also listed.

Can I expand or convert my USM shelf myself?
The USM modular furniture systems can be expanded, changed and converted at any time. However, we recommend that assembly is always carried out by trained specialists. This ensures that USM products retain their value and have a long service life, in addition, improper installation can invalidate legal claims arising in context of product liability and the warranty.

In the smow USM configurator, you can recreate a shelf of your choice in Lego dimensions and at the same time use drag & drop to check which parts can be attached.

Which tools are required for USM furniture?
In principle, USM furniture must be assembled by specialist staff using specially made special tools.

However, you can do simple alterations and smaller expansions yourself.

The following tools are required to assemble the USM Haller basic structure:

The following tools are required to assemble a USM Haller drop-down door:

Are there assembly instructions for USM self-assembly?
Smaller units or shelving can be assembled yourself at the customer’s request. You can also make modifications or additions yourself. The assembly instructions can be found on videos for each USM assembly questions and problems, which smow makes available on its YouTube channel.

Of what materials is USM furniture crafted from?
Depending on the product line, USM furniture is an open system that consists of single-origin materials. The table tops are made of granite, glass and chipboard covered with synthetic resin, linoleum or with real wood veneers.

The veneered table tops are sealed with a multi-layer, radiation-curing lacquer layer on an aqueous basis. The glue used is low in formaldehyde and meets the requirements of the lowest emission class “E1”. The supporting frame for the tables and the furniture system as well as the panels are made of chrome-plated or powder-coated steel.

Complex moulded parts that are unsuitable for machine production, such as fittings, tensioning elements and handles, are made in plastic injection molding or metal die casting, depending on the strength requirements.

Will I receive all parts as USM originals?
We obtain all USM Haller components directly and exclusively from USM. All parts are new and unused.

How long does delivery take for standard USM sizes?
With standard dimensions and colours, we can usually deliver very quickly because we keep them in stock. The average USM delivery time is 3 to 5 days.

Can I also order individual USM components or spare parts?
USM offers many useful accessories with which you can make your everyday office and living life not only more visually appealing, but also more functional. This includes, for example, the USM Inos box set C4 for document filing and which blends seamlessly into the USM furniture system.

Is there a way to route the cables through the rear or side walls of the USM units?
Yes. Rectangular cut-outs (63 x 48 mm) provided with an edge protection sleeve cut be placed in the panels, these can be added to the order. Simply note the desired position and quantity in the message field at the end of the order. In the smow USM configurator, the cable ducts on the rear wall can also be placed individually for each compartment (top, bottom, middle, left, right). Panels with cable outlet to retrofit onto existing units can be ordered in our online shop.

What is the load-bearing capacity of USM Haller shelves?
The maximum permissible load (area load) for all metal elements (including perforated), metal intermediate shelves and inserts up to a size of 750 x 500 mm is 50 kg.

Heavy punctiform loads (e.g. metal sculpture on a small base) cause strong deflections. In the case of metal elements with corresponding point loads or surface loads over 50 kg, the support profile must be used for reasons of stability.

However, we recommend clarifying the respective load case with the manufacturer again - please contact us in this case.

The keys to my USM Haller furniture are missing
When you ordered a USM Haller unit without locks, but the doors are locked, it is probably the transport lock. The safety device is intended to prevent the flaps from opening during transport.

You can unlock it by turning the slot on the handle 90 ° to the right with a coin or a screwdriver so that the slot is horizontal. There is also a special USM assembly video on the smow YouTube channel.

Can disinfectants be used on USM surfaces?
The majority of the surfaces offered by USM are resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents and therefore also resistant to many of the commercially available disinfectants. Most of the disinfectants offered are based on 70-80 % ethyl alcohol or isopropanol.

As there may be deviations, we recommend checking the resistance of each agent on a case-by-case basis (at a discreet loation). In general, it is also important not to leave the liquids on the surfaces for a long time and never to use abrasive or abrasive cleaning cloths.

The powder coating in the USM Haller modular furniture system is generally considered to be resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents and therefore also resistant to most disinfectants.

USM inspirations for living and working