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Decorative trays for the kitchen and living room

Vitra Rotary Tray by Jasper Morrison

Traditionally trays have been used primarily wherever food is served: regardless of whether in the catering or private sector, for example at a family celebration or simply over a meal with friends at home, glasses, plates and meals can be practically transported with trays. However, if you think that designer trays are nothing more than practical household aids, you are very wrong: design trays have additional functions and are, above all, particularly decorative everyday objects. On beautiful models like the Vitra Rotary Tray, food or other items can be presented in a particularly appealing way. Even noble wooden trays such as the Fritz Hansen tray from the Objects collection set unique aesthetic accents in your interior. Coated trays can also be used as a practical and easy-to-clean underlay when preparing food. Large design trays can easily replace small side tables.

Platform Tray from Muuto

Architectmade Turning Tray

Fritz Hansen Objects Tray

Vitra Classic Tray by Alexander Girard

Eames Classic Trays from Vitra

Vitra High Tray

Vitra Cork Bowl

TRAYit tray from SACKit