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Ball Clock
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Eye Clock
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Sunflower Clock Black
Sunburst Clock
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Night Clock
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Diamond Clock
Fernando the Fish
Tempo Clock
AJ Roman Table Clock
Spindle Clock
Tripod Clock
Chronopak Clock
Night Clock Black
AJ LK Table Clock
AJ Bankers Table Clock
AJ Roman Wall Clock
Omar the Owl
L'Air du Temps
AJ City Hall Bordur Tischuhr
AJ Station Table Clock
Wall Clock Alu Alu
AJ Bankers Wall Clock
AJ Station Wall Clock
Wheel Clock
AJ City Hall Wall Clock
Wood Time Clock
Fan Clock
Turbine Clock
Cone Base Clock
Popsicle Clock
Polygon Clock
Flock of Butterflies
Diamond Markers Clock
Petal Clock Black
Elihu the Elephant

Designer clocks - Reliable timekeepers with style guarantee

Designer clocks from Vitra: high quality workmanship and precise movement

Have you ever lost sight of time over breakfast, or do you sometimes realise that the children should have been put to bed a long time ago? With a wall clock in the kitchen or a table clock on the coffee table, such shouldn't occur. Designer clocks not only offer a practical and reliable time display, but also set great accent as decorative or unusual home accessories when furnishing your living or work space. And as an unbeatable advantage of clocks from designer furniture manufacturers such as Vitra, Rosendahl or Kartell: high-quality workmanship and a precise movement are guaranteed.

Graphic accent on the bedside table

Timeless on the shelf or on the desk

Which clock suits me best?

With table clocks that set elegant, graphic accents on the desk or bedside table, you can keep an eye in a manner pleasing to that eye. Table clocks work particularly well on noble surfaces and can be perfectly combined with other home accessories such as vases or desk utensils. Especially models that were designed up to the 1970s spread a particularly cosy retro flair in the digital age, where looking at the mobile phone often seems more obvious, and provide grounding in the living area. Do you want to be awakened in a particularly stylish way? How about a table clock with an alarm function?

Time passes in the blink of an eye ... stylish eye-catchers for the wall

When it comes to wall clocks, it is important to remember that, like works of art, they attract everyone's attention. Either you decide on a subtle, minimalist model with simple graphics, or you deliberately choose an eye-catcher with a playful or brightly coloured variant.

Eye-catcher - wall clock by Richard Lampert

Our tips for choosing the right wall clock

When choosing your wall clock, be aware that especially unusual and large models need sufficient space to be able to work properly. Designer clocks are not only available in many colours and styles, but also made of materials as diverse as wood, brass, plastic or even clay - use this leeway to perfectly match your wall clock to the colours, materials and character of your interior design!

A classic, the George Nelson Ball Clock

No need to knock on wood - fabulous design by George Nelson

Mid-century design classics - Vitra clocks by George Nelson

The American designer George Nelson has proven how versatile clock design can be. Starting in 1948, the mid-century designer developed numerous table, children's and wall clocks that are now produced by the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra and that continue to impress and delight. Available in various materials, shapes, colour combinations and sizes, Nelson's clock designs are so diverse that a suitable model can be found not only for every taste, but also for every room, whether at home or in public areas.

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